Let's Work Together...

If you want to be

the cherished wife who her children call blessed

intuitively know how to lovingly connect with your family

have time for rest and recovery

All by doing less instead of more!

Why work with Tanya?

Tanya knows that for every addict, 5 people are impacted. Working with women heals a generation.

She’s been through all the challenges you’re familiar with:

  • Striving for a career to make her whole
  • Chasing a man to fulfill her
  • Jumping unhealed into a second marriage
  • Managing new babies and addicted husband as well as her own codependency
  • Running her own business thinking enough money would “save” her.

Finally, Tanya decided she deserved more in her life – from her life. She set out to learn everything, AA, Alanon, Celebrate Recovery, Deep Therapy (EMDR) and decided to help heal others who share similar challenges by getting her professional coaching certification.

Grace and Recovery Framework

Tanya works with women who finally want to:

  • heal their marriage and family
  • support their husbands through recovery from addiction
  • stop managing everything for everyone
  • create a God-centered home that her family wants to come home to

She uses her unique Grace and Recovery process to help them become the woman her husband cherishes and the mother that places God and love first to create a truly connected loving, and supportive family.

Are these the kind of results you want for your family?

Hear What the Clients I Have Worked with Have to Say

Stacey Morrison
What made you consider coaching? I wanted help dealing with the continuing struggles I was having in establishing a loving and accepting relationship with my husband, which for too long had been hurtful in non-obvious ways. Read More

Jessica Norman
Working with Tanya for the last year has been a huge blessing. My favorite thing about my sessions with her, is we would start off in prayer and I always leave lighter, more focused and with much more clarity after. Read More

Karthi Masters
After a few coaching sessions with Tanya, I have the clarity I needed on a relational issue. I know I can always call her when I get stuck in an old thinking pattern. Read More

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