Karthi Masters

After a few coaching sessions with Tanya, I have the clarity I needed on a relational issue. I know I can always call her when I get stuck in an old thinking pattern. She’s brilliant and curious- and quick to admit that she doesn’t have the quick fix for me.

Jessica Norman

Working with Tanya for the last year has been a huge blessing. My favorite thing about my sessions with her, is we would start off in prayer and I always leave lighter, more focused and with much more clarity after. During the past year, I had gone through the toughest season of my life. Going …

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Stacey Morrison

What made you consider coaching? I wanted help dealing with the continuing struggles I was having in establishing a loving and accepting relationship with my husband, which for too long had been hurtful in non-obvious ways. What problems or goals were you hoping to solve/achieve with coaching? How to live with painful emotions without reacting …

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