Stacey Morrison

Stacey Morrison

What made you consider coaching? I wanted help dealing with the continuing struggles I was having in establishing a loving and accepting relationship with my husband, which for too long had been hurtful in non-obvious ways.

What problems or goals were you hoping to solve/achieve with coaching?

  1. How to live with painful emotions without reacting to them in old, destructive ways.
  2. How to better accept my husband’s actions and words that came about as a result of his ADD.
  3. How to pause before responding to things my husband said or did that were frustrating, annoying, or hurtful.
  4. How to fully accept that I am a good person.

What has been your biggest takeaway from coaching?

  1. Acceptance of myself.
  2. A better understanding of ADD and how it affects my husband.
  3. Increasing belief in my husband’s love toward me and trust that he accepts me for who I am.
  4. Movement toward tenderness toward my husband.

Thank you for your help. Love, Stacey

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